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FARMALABO has been working for years in the field of the research of the best natural essences and biostimulating active ingredients, that are able to catalyse the re-activation of all molecular, regenerative and biorestructuring processes related to the cutaneous and subcutaneous tissues. A milestone of our studies, one of the most effective products avaiable on the marketplace to contrast the problem that bothers many women is:
  • CHARIS Skin Tone Serum
    Fluider than a normal anti-cellulite cream, soft-textured and pleasing-perfumed, it is a serum with a high concentration of active ingredients and of natural elements extracted by erbs and sea salt of the Egeo Sea.
Many new products are added to the Charis line and they are properly studied to fight the bothering cutaneous blemishes:
  • CHARIS Anti Aging Serum e CHARIS Eye Contour Serum
    Anti age kit and eye cream, composed of two higly concentrated serums that are studied to work in a synergetic way on different areas of the visage. It slows down the normal cellular ageing processes and gives back brightness and uniformity of ruddiness..
  • CHARIS Anti Wrinkle Day Cream to Snacks e CHARIS Anti Wrinkle Nigth Cream Nutritive
    Anti wrinkles kit composed of two products that are studied for mature skins, to use with an alternated applications (night and day) with a biorestructuring action. It works in the deepest layers of the epidermis, stimulating the activity of the fibroblasts and inducing the synthesis of new collagen and elastin. It gives back to skin its tone and elasticity.
CHARIS Eau de Parfum Man and Woman Line
“Fragrances can be more than a pleasant accessory. A great scent is a work of art. It is silent, invisible body language poetry. It can resurrect our days, enrich our nights and create milestones in our memories. A fragrance is liquid emotion.’’ (Micheal Edwards)
  • MULIER Eau de Parfum pour Femme
    Sublime floral and fruity music. A pyramid of polished essences and unique sweet and woody notes harmonized together, that are able to return a frizzy, autentic and unique fragrance.
  • ANIMO Eau de Parfum pour Homme
    A unique blend of precious Black Currant and Bergamot notes, sweetened by woody harmonies mixed at the base with the delicate perfume of the oak musk. On top it is intense, its essence is determined, while it is enchanting and fruity in its bottom.
It corrects the skin patches by contrasting their appearance. Gives uniformity to the skin tone and improves the elasticity.
    Its innovative formula performs a triple action: depigmenting, protection and moisturizing. CHARIS Remove Stains Cream is not greasy, bleaches the skin of the face and protects from environmental pollution and free radicals. It’s a bleaching cream that reduces the accumulation of melanin and gives uniformity to skin tone. The active ingredients promote the cellular turnover, associating a continuous exfoliating and bio-stimulating action to the lightening action.

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